In our society, Sex is a loaded word, that many people didn’t even talk about this in front of their parents. It isn’t a word, it’s a taboo in our Indian society. And what next is “Virginity”, this word also contains too much load. If you’re having sex for the first time, that means you are going to lose your virginity. Having sex for the first time is a major thing for everyone, especially for women. Here are First-time sex stories of some women who open up and share their experiences.

Sex is not a word which you should be ashamed of. The first time sex is memorable for everyone. Whether the memories are awkward, funny or happy, it stays with us. Whether it was bad, horrible, good or extremely good, everyone remembers it.

Some people plan it and for some others, it happens spontaneously. No matter how much you plan, things can always go wrong. So, it’s better to chill out and enjoy that time, that’s all matter.

Here are some women who open up and share their first-time sex stories. Whether it’s beautiful, awkward or even funny.

1. We did at home, and it was pretty amazing. Very heartfelt and organic.

2. At around six am, after his friends had slept off, he went down on me in the car.

3. I’d gone to his place for drinks and landed up staying two days.

4. Nobody told me that a little extra wine would dry me up in more ways than one.

5. I felt like a soft kheera going and in out of my vagina.

6. We bought a lot of condoms but didn’t know they were long-lasting. We went numb for a week.

7. My first-time sex was so terrible that I didn’t have sex again for another year.

8. His mom started knocking on his door, telling him his aunt was at their place and wanted to see him.

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