Just a weeks ago, Swaraj has confirmed that Pakistani nationals who are in need of medical visas should have attached their visa application which must have a recommendation letter by Sartaj Aziz.

External Affairs Minister of India Sushma Swaraj has been known for continuously helping those in distress, and Ironically doesn’t only restrict to Indians. Just a week ago, the Foreign Minister herself approved medical visa that to of  Pakistani national who were suffering from medical injury and wanted to go for liver transplant in India. Since the said visa approval was accepted by Foreign minister, the family showed an overwhelming gesture by tweeting and showering praises for her.

Women naming Hijaab Asif sought Minister’s A woman who identifying herself as Hijaab Asif had sought Swaraj’s interference in concern of Pakistani patient naming Gautam Bambawale. Referring as per his critical condition, Asif “begged” online for the help. She also attached a letter which has been given to them by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry, which has mentioned that no visas have been issued in connection with their appeal.

A couple of days ago, Swaraj had confirmed that those Pakistani nationals who are seeking medical visas needs to attached their visa applications that too accompanied with recommendation letter authorized by Sartaj Aziz.

Our Foreign minister took this serious matter into consideration and asked Islamabad Indian High commission to allow them visas for liver transplant.

And then she took charge by herself :


Moved by her quick response, Asif tweeted :



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