The first thing come to our when we see people taking the result to this level. No Doubt ! it is one of the crucial base over which the carrier would depend upon, But is it something as precious as your life?… Is it equivalent to your life that you would put your life on stake for it?
Every year we see many students commit suicide just because they couldn’t make it to it. They think their life would be nothing if they flunk 12th standard. This is something Rubbish ! Life is about moving on no matter what… The show must go on, that’s how you live life. 
Let us tell you that your result only judge you for a single year, not for your whole life.

                                                    Suicide is never ever an option !

Recently, after the results declared one of the student threatened a guy (probably someone with an approach) to do something through which she could clear her exam of compartment. She also threatened to commit suicide if she couldn’t get passed this year. Check out what really happened in the picture below :

 This is what he posted there after :

The Question still would be Why ? why is it so important and crucial then your life ? 
Your parents don’t deserve this.. do they??
Is this the day for what they have taken care of you??
One think we would like to tell you that nothing ! not even a single thing is more important than you life !
You have been given this life for a reason and their is much more than just a 12th exams. There are many alternative other than that.. Find out something beneficial and talk to others. Ask your parents if anytime, this kind of thought surrounds you.
Because as they say : 
The show must go on


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