Social media is undoubtedly the best platform if you are searching something Dillogically funny. You can’t predict what would trend in no time. Over a period many things have been took too high which were barely present in reality. The irony is, if they don’t find something to make gags on, they create one for their entertainment.  After all, these days is a self service.

Same thing happened one evening when a twitter user asked others for suggestions about what are the “3 words better than ‘I Love You'” ? 

That’s quiet obvious that a generation who spends much time on tinder than Quora won’t feel ‘I Love You’ exciting right? Well !! we have many out of the box replies by users. Check out  now :


Probably its not the first time when Indian Tweeple taken a thing in such a different style. With everything going over, Indians can derive gags out of anything possible !


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