Arshad Warsi recently have posted a scene from the first part of Golmaal film, released in 2006, where Sharman Joshi was seen dressed as a woman, and Sharman and Arshad look at a bald guy out of the window who look exactly like Vin-Diesel, since he was a bald guy.


As Arshad has always been known for his quick and quirky comic timing in movies and generally as well, it’s totally casual for him being witty anytime. Same a scene has happened when he recently shared a picture on twitter with a caption “I did not know Vin Diesel was in the first Golmaal.” 

Briefly, that is nothing like that ! it’s not actually true, but if you look closely you will notice that the bald guy in the picture look exactly same as Vin Diesel ? Ohkay ! look again ..

The picture was taken from the scene where Sharman who was dresssed as a woman and arshad look out of the car window to someone on the other car , who was a bald guy ( who has been trolled and said to be Vin Diesel)

This is what he tweeted

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Twitter comments on vin Diesel in golmaal




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