A video went viral on social media which showing two girls being molested by a bunch of people, almost around 14, in rampur district of Uttar pradesh, trigging outrage in the state.

The police has finally arrested Shahnawaz Qadri living in Kuwan Kheda village of Tanda, after filing a suit against 14 boys who were also visible in the video.

In the video, those 14 boys were seen harassing the two ladies in a Secluded village area.


Here’s the shocking video and the face of survivors have been blurred : 


These boys were seen groping one of the girls, where one of them even lift her. While, the girls were pleading them to let them go, those creeps were seen laughing and shooting them at the same time.


“An FIR has been lodged against 14 persons. The main accused Shahnawaz has been arrested and the police probe is on,” home Secretary Arvind Kumar said.

He said that victims are yet to be Identified because no one has approached them yet. However, the police department has registered an FIR on its own.


About the accused, he said Shahnawaj, Nawved, Farmaan, Jahane Aalam and Saddam belongs to Kuwakhera village of Rampur district.


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