1. Beautiful Estate In Shimla

Cosy rooms with books and sunlight with a gorgeous lawn and a variety of flowers, dinner served in beautiful utensils. If you want to go somewhere for spending the weekend then visit here. So the Sunnymead Estate will give you feel like you are in a home.

Where- Below Cart Road, Near Old MLA Quarters, Shimla


2. Hill Resort In Hathipaon

Situated at top a cliff, this resort offers many lodging options. While the beautiful ones provide the lavish verandahs, big groups and bonfires, the wooden ones situated on the edge of a cliff with a view like none other.

Where- Kyar Kuli Bhatta, Uttarakhand

3. Royal Weekend At Neemrana’s Fort In Kesroli

Go to Kesroli for a day long picnic or a night out and unwind with so many activities such as indoor games and cycling and a delicate regional cuisine. You don’t need a long weekend for this one.

Where- Near M.I.A Post Office Bahala, District Alwar, Rajasthan Kesroli

4. Riverside Resort In Kullu

Built on river Beas, a house on water is the much needed cure to your some problems. An eco friendly option in the popular hill station, the place built in a way that there will be no disturbance to the nature which makes the experience more exceptional.

Where- Suri Orchards, VPO Raison, Kullu

5. Village Resort Near Amritsar

Explore the acres of green fields on a tractor then take a dip in a tank of tube well and enjoy the most delectable Punjabi food. Punjabiyat brings out the true taste of the Punjabi culture.

Where- Saidowal Gunopur village, near Gurudwara Ghalughara, Punjab, district Gurdaspur.




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