Someone correctly said ” smartness doesn’t come with age bar” and kids these days are way smarter. They are driven with Technology , they are ambitious and motivated, probably focused to what they want to achieve in life.

But many of the kids are a step further in the rat race. And one out of the crowd is chloe Bridgewater, a 7 year old who lives in Hereford,UK, who has done something not anyone of her age has ever thought of. Check out now :

Chloe Bridgewater

Chloe at the age of 7 applied for a job at Google and send an application to The CEO Sundar Pichai after she gone crazy over Kindle Fire Tablet and robots. Drool over by the technology, she found employed in google as fascinating as she got to know about the cool environment of the company.

Her father, after she wrote the letter, shared it on his LinkedIn profile where everyone adore it, over the idea of getting a Job at Google.

letter to google ceo

And this is how the Google CEO responded to the letter :

google ceo reply to job

Well done Mr. Boss !!!


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