The worst thing many of the travelers faces each and every time they are with a lot of luggage is realizing they are short of their luggage, all we need is somebody who could over. At a point of time probably somewhere in between packing and unpacking we opt in the hustle, literally the worst thing could ever be.

Recently, Anubhav K Sharma got something no one can ever believe to, at least not in the current world. This twitter user has share his  Waiting for your luggage at the airport and then realizing that it got lost somewhere in the packing and unpacking — is probably one of the worst nightmares for a traveler. The thing happened in the Airport when this person lost his luggage at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. Apparently, a kind-hearted CISF officer helped him by returning his luggage saying “yeh to meri duty hai“. He tweeted a photo along with the officer, which turn a buzz in twitter within fraction of hours and the way people are praising him is adorable.  cisf officer helped

Sunil Kumar, CISF officer was thanked by the person, and everybody over Internet starting giving attention to it thoroughly. What was the thing to highlight was the sense of duty  of the officer.

Generally, the people consider officers as lack of empathy but somehow he was different. Not just he helped the passenger but he helped him the time when he was getting off duty. The policeman said “ye to duty hai meri”(This is my duty).

Well !!!! that’s something everyone should be like, The sense of responsibility.


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