As we talked earlier in our previous post about Gurmehar kaur’s viral video  and how the authorities have decided to take a step against people who have make vulgar comment and harassed her socially. Now we are here with a video, a video that make all sense to reply to Gurmehar kaur’s video.

This Epic reply to her video was enough straight forward  that after watching it, we as a whole went to distracted mentality. But watching it completely gives us the justifiable message that why this message given in the video is better and accurate comparatively to the Gurmehar’s.

epic reply to gurmehar kaur by student

Although, the message raised by Gurmehar, which is #profile_for_peace is no wonder a step which should be initiated by both the countries, but it somehow showed a negative image of our Nation, on the other hand a positive one on the part of Pakistan. No Offence !!! but it truly does, and probably the reason why people of our Nation are against her.

Things apart, the message in the current video, which is how the war was initiated by Pakistan each and everytime over Kashmir and how many Indian Soldier has lost their life while protecting the VERY OWN PART OF INDIA. 

Check out the video here :

(source : V Seven Pictures)

What We Want You To Focus On

Through this video it is somehow believed that you might be having different point of opinion but what matters the most is to RESPECT YOUR NATION, the nation that gives you FREEDOM OF SPEECH, a nation that gives you FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS. Disrespecting your nation is something which is not at all acceptable.


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