What the situation is all about ?

Recently, the CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, in a statement said that he feels that India is too poor, a country to even consider expanding into together with Spain.  According to a report by Variety, An ex-employee Anthony Pompliano was there in the meeting suggesting how Snapchat should be expanding to India and Spain for the growth purpose, where he was cut mid-sentence by The CEO during a meeting. The meeting was conducted to discuss the growth and expansion of the enterprise in the foreign market. He was kept quiet in the middle of the meeting because according to Spiegel :

“This app is only for rich people. I don’t want to expand to poor countries like India and Spain.”

Which take a huge buzz as soon as it socialize in the Internet and deeply hurt the sentiments of every Indian out there, which in no time create a Wave to #boycott_snapchat. users in no time Uninstalled Snapchat and many of them suggested to give it the least rating.


What is the current scenario ?

When 4 million Indians Who uses Snapchat on a daily basis decides to do something, how come it Wont suffer. A lot of daily users are for the sake uninstalling the app, also leaving a one-star rating on the app before uninstalling.  #uninstallsnapchat and #boycottsnapchat soon started trending on Twitter and in a couple of hours , its rating on  App Store dropped to a “single star” from “five star”, reported IANS.


And this is how people react on Spiegel’s comment : 

While Some people uninstalled it and showed disregards, some took the buzz to another level by their tweets and trolled :

And here are some more :



But Wait !!!

Ironically, due to this matter with Snapchat, another company having similar name has been into trouble, and people illogically started hatred comments. Yes !! we are talking about Snapdeal. It is quiet obvious that if someone criticize your nation you would definitely get angry, but what was more frustrating was they illogically started blaming the e-commerce firm, Snapdeal, getting confused between Snapdeal and Snapchat,  Some of them have given lowest rating to Snapdeal app to take revenge from Snapchat.

Check out some of the Hilarious Comments on the Snapdeal App site : 
Well..  Well… Well !!!! It’s still unclear about the whole subject matter.. let us know your point of view in the subject matter in the comment section below. Your views and opinions are most welcomed. 


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