[pullquote]The [/pullquote]girl who caught everyone’s attention with her show on small screen, Pratyusha Banerjee, who committed suicide a year back, still struggling to get justice and fighting for it. Her father shankar banerjee and mother soma banerjee, living in a rent house, fighting for her daughter, for the justice the reason for what she committed suicide. Last year, on 1st April she committed suicide, her boyfriend is held guilty and accused for doing so.
Recently, Her mother depicted her one year fight for justice this way :
 She confessed saying
 how can i would be OK after my daughter’s death, even today when someone ask how are you? the only answer i have is – i am living…
A lot has been changed after her death. Her smiling face keep flashing in front of me everytime. How can she commit suicide??
Everytime i see her picture, i wish wherever she is, in any form, she would be happy. She must be reborn somewhere, she would be happy, i wish.
I just wanted to know, what was the reason of her death???
She got Threatening many time : 
  •  She went to court, 4 months since last year has passed fighting for justice.
  • First two months i wonder here and there from police to court to seek justice. moreover, i got threatning to step back, but i didn’t scared with anything.
  • Session court in Mumbai assured me, we will get the justice in the June hearing for sure.
  • Where her father said, this fight is not only for her daughter, but for every girl who came to Mumbai to fulfill their dream, who are caught by some cheapsters who take advantage of their sincerity.
 A short film recently released : 
Kamya Punjabi, one of very good friend of her, on Pratyusha’s first Death anniversary made a short film, naming “‘हम कुछ न कह सके” depicting pratyusha as the lead. This was her last movie, a short movie with her as a lead.
Check out the short movie here: 

Prayer meet managed recently in the memory of Pratyusha :
This passed Saturday, all the beloved people of pratyusha gathered in the memory of hers. Mainly the occasion held at her Grandmother’s house. Many of the actors and actress were present at the meeting. Pratyusha Banerjee was selected as the lead role for Balika vadhu  back in year 2011.


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