We are talking about the new judgement in Saudi Arabia that has allowed the women to drive. King “Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud” finally issued a royal decree which gave women drivers a go ahead in the kingdom.

It is a historic moment in the country and now Saudi Arabia has become the country to allow women to drive. Saudi Arabia on Tuesday said that from June 2018, women in the Saudi Arabia will have the right to drive.

Here are some other things that they are still not able and allowed to do because some men of the Saudi Arabia think that they’re too womanly to do such things. Here are some of the things  which women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to do-

1. Females must have a legal male guardian

The women without a male guardian is looked with a copious amount of disgust. And in order for women to get a passport, a visa or to open a bank account, a male guardian needs to give permission.

2. Women are not allowed to wear clothes which show their beauty

All women have to wear abayas, while it is not compulsory to cover the face always, there are some strict rules on how much they can show their skin and how much of makeup they are allowed to apply.

3. Women aren’t allowed to use gym or swimming pool

Women aren’t allowed to use the swimming pools and gyms because men were also swimming in their swimsuits. They have to go to the ‘makeup room’ (that’s what they called gyms for the women) to access a treadmill.

 4. Entry to cemetery is restricted for women

If you are a woman and want to visit in the cemetery then it ain’t going to happen. And you got to be dead to access to the cemetery.

We should definitely celebrate this victory but not forget that in Saudi Arabia, women are still treated as a second class citizens.


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