Gurmeet Ram Rahim convicted for Raping two Sadhavis in 2002. And the Baba Ram Rahim Singh will be sentenced on Monday, 28th August.


After the decision, the violence spread in Punjab and Haryana. And it has also been move to Delhi, Noida & Ghaziabad. All Dera followers come together in thousands, spread the violence and also set fire the government buildings & vehicles in Panchkula. In many parts of Punjab & Haryana, there are so many reports of clashes between the supporters and the police police.



The man who convicted Ram Rahim is the Judge Jagdeep Singh, the hero to all of us who delivered the judgement with honesty. There is little information about Jagdeep Singh who is the Presiding Officer, Special Judge of CBI Court.


1. He hails from one of the oldest district (Jind) of Haryana. He graduated in the year 2000 and studied law from Punjab University. He is very Dedicated and Upright Person.

2. Jagdeep Singh started his career as a litigator in the Punjab & Haryana High Court.

3. He joined the Haryana Judicial Services in 2012 and first posting was in Sonipat.

4. He was posted to the CBI court in 2016, Usually this type of posting comes after much scrutiny.

5. He made headlines in 2016 when he rescued four injured accident victims, he took the victims to the hospital.

Jagdeep Singh has always been a man with Honesty and Dedication, his “Actions speak louder than words”. In the Immense Pressure he has upheld the rule of law and gain the trust of people in the Indian Judiciary System. People like this that keep our believe and hope high!!


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