After this incident, the new question arise in the society that our children are really safe in society or not? Because recently the student named Pradhuman Thakur was found dead with throat slit in the toilet of school on Friday morning. And some students said they found the boy Pradhuman Thakur lying in a pool of blood in the toilet of school building around 8:30 am.



And the students also alerted the teachers and school management then they informed the police, who took him to Artemis Hospital. But he was declared brought dead by doctors. The incident also sparked outrage in the city and People gathered outside the school in protest against the murder.

On Friday evening, police detained the 10 people, including gardener, drivers and conductors for questioning in the case. And then later Police arrested the bus conductor Ashok Kumar. And the Gurgaon police on Saturday said that the principal of “Ryan International School” in Bhondsi has been suspended.



The father of 7 year old student Pradhuman Thakur, who was found dead on the campus, said “It’s a clear case of murder and if children are murdered in schools, then on what belief can we leave them for 8 hours? don’t know what happened but I am sure its murder.”

The school authority denied the all allegations and said, “The kid was alive when we saw him lying in the pool of blood. We took him to the hospital immediately”, but currently the police is investigating the case.




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