Where the world has celebrated the International Women’s day yesterday, for all the sacrifices and hardship faced by Women all across the globe still putting their feet along everywhere they could possibly be. However, there are many narrow minded people out there who neither knows how to respect women nor they have respected any. One in the queue is Ram Gopal Verma, who on the occasion of Women’s day posted some awful tweets which somehow disheartened women empowerment to very extent. In our previous article we have seen where Ram gopal verma called tiger shroff a bikini babe unnecessary.  After reading this your blood would surely get boiled by seeing the mentality of people even today. It couldn’t get worse than this !!!

Ram-Gopal-Varma women day tweet

Check out what he has tweeted :


Does it  make any sense to tweet like this when you are a public personality ?

Well, this man has done masters of insulting people socially. Just like tiger shroff didn’t considered him as important who deserve a response.

What is much depressing is the fact that people just need a publicity even when it is negative. Tell us how much you agree with this in the comment section below.



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