Recently, the advertisement featuring the supermodel Kendall Jenner for the brand Pepsi runs into trouble as the ad featured appeared using Black Lives Matter protest for the promotion of the soda brand. 

This advertisement took a buzz quickly on social media claiming Pepsi just to seek profit, used social justice movement in a bad way. “Pepsi was trying to spread a global message of unity, understanding and peace. But we admit for the mistake we did and apologize for the same” says the Pepsico head.

The officials said ” we don’t want to light up this to serious issue so  we have decided to remove the content and further rollout. We would like to apologize to Kendall Jenner too for placing her at this stage.

In the advertisement, this half-sister of Kim Kardashian is seen joining the people march for peace and togetherness, further handling a Pepsi can to a police officer and stars cheering together over.

Many social media users found this advertisement lame and poor taste. some of them pulling over saying the final scene was evoked by the Black Lives Matter movement where a female nurse walked up towards a police officer in louisiana last year.

Among those mocking the advertisement one was Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King, Civil rights leader.

Check out the commercial here :


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