The Padmavati controversy had taken an ugly turn. Protesters blocked the entry to Chhittorgarh Fort and protesting against the film Padmavati across Rajasthan and the various parts of country.

SP of Chhittorgarh said that the Chhittorgarh fort, a world heritage site in the Rajasthan is not officially closed.

He further says that, “Protesters blocked the entry to the fort for tourists. And we have made the security arrangements to deal with this situation.”

Member of “Sarv Samaj Sangathan” and the president of “Jauhar Samriti Sansthan” said that, “Dharna demanding a ban on film Padmavati and the fort will be closed for tourists.”

The Karni Sena alleged that bhansali distorted the historical facts in film Padmavati.

Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation, managing director said that the trains would be operating according to the circuit and would be going to Chhittorgarh.

Recently Chittorgarh Fort was vandalised by the group of men who had broke the mirrors. The mirrors at the “Padmini Palace” were damaged by the around five unidentified men.

The Padmavati controversy had taken an ugly turn, as a leader of the Karni Sena warned actress Deepika Padukone and offer the reward for beheading her head.

After this Mumbai Police had already tightened the security of Deepika Padukone. And Police have tightened the security at residence of Bhansali.
Padmavati controversy is getting bigger day by day, and Karni Sena holds the massive protest.


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