This story of a girl who was just 2 years old when she has gone through one of the brutal thing that could ever happen to someone. Acid Attack ! she has gone through acid attack in such a small age. Her story, which was shared on Facebook has gone viral in no time. She was inspiring, motivating and moreover the spirit of living life has taken over internet. Shabbo, a resident of Mumbai, was just 2 years old when half of the acid fell on her face and half on her mother. Shockingly ! her father was the culprit behind this. She has been brought up in an orphanage where she has got a lot of love and attention. More than that, te courage of living life and growing up beautifully is something which is increasingly shared on social media.


While these horrifying incidents are enough to take away people’s morale to live life, shabbo has decided that her past will not haunt her present and future. Initially, she had a lot of struggle making friends in college, but as soon as she started living with them, she realize that its all in his mind. Eventually ! she is loving her life and want everyone to do the same.

Check out the Facebook post here :



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