We’re living in a society, where a Woman would be called as a “Good Woman” if she is fulfilling the criteria of society. But on which criteria, they’re defining a tag of a good Woman. Let me introduce you to the criteria, means sanskaars that girl should have it according to our society otherwise, she will be tagged as unsanskaari naari.

The society teaches the women a lot of Sanskaar “Raat ko late se aana mana hai, aise kapde pehnna mana hai, Chain ki saans bhi Lena mana hai, Khud ke faisley Lena mana hai“.

Well, these are some of the sanskaars because there are countless rules that society imposed on women But it’s time to break them all.

To break the stereotypes, Girliyapa and Whisper bring something that our society might be hate. They released ‘Tu Bas Naach’ a dance anthem which is challenging the status quo. This video is a perfect thing that you’ll watch on the Internet today, It’s time to refuse the stereotypes and rules imposed on women, in the world.

The song is composed & performed by VS42 aka Vaibhav Bundhoo. Tu Bas Naach also features rappers – Siri from Bangalore, DeeMC from Mumbai and Kavya-Kriti from Bangalore.

The video begins with “I’ll tell you what freedom is to me. No fear” – Nina Simone. We totally agree!!

“Na Tujhe Kisi Raja ki zarurat hai bas badalna hai is fizool soch ko”

The society never fails to give a besharam ladki vala tag, if the girl is not following the rules imposed on her. At a family function, some aunties were judging a girl by her dress and I wasn’t amazed to see because nowadays it’s common. But how could anyone judge someone by their dress? Leave it’s just one example, there are many more. The discussion of parents always ends up with meri beti meri har baat manti hai, like seriously?? If these things will judge us, then sorry I’m happy to be an unsanskaari ladki.

To raise a child, the parenting plays an important role but most of the time people mould their child in which they believed. In the case of girls, they are more protective and strict, but why? Why these restrictions only applied to women? If you want to give sanskaar to the child, define them what is good and bad, let them find their own ways, set them free. Tell them that if someone is pressurising you, take a stand and speak for yourself.

In a society, we need something that will see a woman beyond the myopic view. But society is not in the mood to change so, “You don’t give a Fu*k about none of that shit.”

Hey girl, you’re allowed to roam after 8 PM, you’re allowed to wear a short dress, you’re allowed to do everything that you ever dream about. You can challenge the perspective of society, it might give you an unsanskari tag but who cares?

Drink, eat, travel and follow your dream because society never allowed you to do these things.

You deserve the freedom to fight for your rights. Instead of just being obedient in the view of society, be a right one for yourself. Smash the boundaries, groove on your own life terms and conditions, this is the best thing you could do for yourself.


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