In our patriarchal society how much a woman would love to be modern and progressive, our society still look at woman as a thing that needs to be tied down. But Neena Gupta broke down the all boundaries and set up an inspiring example for everyone. She decided to have a child without getting married and raised her child with so much pride when nobody is with her. And Forget about the society, if you are fighting with your own boundaries and your own demons.



In an Interview with the Times of India she said, “She lost her mother due to cancer but she said my father was my anchor, even though but he was dead because of my decision to go ahead with the pregnancy. He was very orthodox, and once he knew that I had decided then he stood by my side like a rock.



Neena Gupta is always a risk taker, she also starred in some finest movies of our time. She had also starred in some bad films not by choice, but the compulsion because she had to raise her child. She said,



She bent the all rules & norms of the society and survived it with more self confidence. If we talk about her career in cinema then she starred in film Gandhi in 1982 and went on films like like Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron and Mandi. She also won a national film award for her role of a widow in woh chokri.




She was making her career in both television & films around the same time. And her big break on TV came with Khandaan in 1985, Yatra in 1986, Gulzar’s Mirza Ghalib in 1987, and a TV miniseries which was followed by Shyam Benegal’s Bharat Ek Khoj in 1988 and later Dard in 1994.



But one character that gave her the instant stardom and made her a big name to remember was Priya Kapoor in Saans.



And recently she was seen in a short film ‘Khujli’ with Jackie Shroff which is about a middle aged couple trying to revive the romance.



Neena Gupta is the one who has never been shy away from the bold subjects, not in the age of 20, and not even when she is 58.  She deserves respect both onscreen and the offscreen life she has led and her choices makes her that one inspiring example which we need to read. She never gave up on her life and survived it with self confidence like an independent woman. Inspirational stories like these deserve to be celebrate and read. 


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