Recently twitter notice a sudden hustle somewhere at the night time when Nawazuddin Siddiqui all of a sudden tweeted something out of the league. Though he mentioned no on in any context, but his tweet yet again dig out the reality of our society. Take a look at his tweet :

The world’s fondness towards fair skin is secret no more. Racism is flagrant just like it is in Bollywood, it is in advertisement commercials too. We are fond of seeing tall, fair and handsome men who in the commercial romancing with comparatively attractive woman, all it seems earlier that, it would be changed after contemporary actors have proved themselves in their movies, Well ! the recent tweet by Nawaz proves all to be useless, he tweeted about the biasedness exists in industry even today.

However ! social media wasn’t unfair at all, they were quick in supporting him and his talent over his looks :


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