One of the most loved celebrity cricketer MS Dhoni which is moreover considered as a leader or idol or someone we look up for.

The cricketer has always been a popular cricketer and someone praised for his passion for cricket. Recently, his Aadhaar registration details were leaked online. Someone of the authority official has leaked all the personal details filled in the Aadhaar form he has filed online. Just after that, his wife Sakshi Dhoni started slamming the authority for carelessness and scathing the privacy. She even mocked over the officials online through her tweets.

Here is the leaked form she saw in the social site online:  

The IT minister of India, Ravi shankar Prasad also tweeted India’s Information and Technology minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad tweeted this ( although it  doesn’t shows what she was actually talking about) : 

Sakshi saw this tweet and replied instantly and accuse him over privacy : 

To which Ravi Shankar replied and justified as there is no such information leaked :  

Finally, this matter was taken under consideration and assurance given to sakshi : 

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