Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has recently become world’s richest man. The news is as per Forbes magazine’s tracking of wealth, since the e-commerce company as unbelievably hit throughout, he, somehow for a short period of time, defeated Microsoft founder Bill Gates. However, Bill Gates reclaimed his lead position by afternoon,since Amazon’s stock drop down about 1 per cent for that day to $1,046.

Amazon shares recently been trading at a record high. They score $1,083.31 somewhere in the mid-noon this thursday. According to securities expert filings, Bezos is having about 80 million shares, or 17 per cent; those shares when reevaluate, found to be  were valued at more than $87 billion at the peak.

According to Forbes the net worth of Bezos were almost $90.6 billion as soon as the market opened the said day. The same day, Bill gates had about $90.1 billion.  

However, the shares of the company fell another 2 percent in market after the company couldn’t ratify the expectation of Wall Street for profit. As per the reports, Amazon earned $197 million, or 40 cents per share, within the second quarter itself down from $857 million, or $1.78 per share, which was a year ago and when it was analysed in the survey by the investment researchers it went about $1.40 per share of revenue.

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