The Supreme Court ban the fireworks which caused an uproar on social media platform. While some of the people is in favour of the decision, but there are many people who disapproved this verdict.

Masaba Gupta, an acclaimed designer express her support for the Fireworks ban but twitter can become an ugly place sometimes and this time too. The trolls steered the topic to a nonsensical issue.



The designer was getting trolled and called “illegitimate West India”, “bastard child” but the designer wrote an amazing, dignified and strong post in response. She showed her badass side and told people to mind their own business. 


Here’s Masaba Gupta’s full statement-

“Recently I retweeted in support of the Firecracker ban by the Supreme Court and like every other issue in this country, big or small…The trolling & bashing began.
By calling me names like ‘bastard child’ or ‘illegitimate West Indian’ it only makes my chest swell with pride. I am the illegitimate product of two of the MOST legitimate personalities you’ll find & I’ve made the best life, both personally & professionally…out of it which I am proud of.
I’ve been called these names since I was 10years old & ever since I could read the newspapers these are two words that I am immune to.
My legitimacy comes from the work I do & what my contribution to the society has been. And you can try but you will not be able to raise a single finger on either of the two.
So, please.if you must…go ahead and continue calling me these names if it makes you feel glorious. But know this…I am a proud Indo-Caribbean girl who doesn’t know how to shrink and crumble in shame of something you or your society cannot handle. It’s Just in my ‘illegitimate’ genes.”

Masaba Gupta has shown us how to deal with such trolls!


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