Mary Kom penned down the another glorious chapter of her career.  She has kicked herself in the ring again with a gold medal at the “Asian women’s boxing championship”. She brought her fifth Asian gold medal and at the age of 34, she is pushing herself more and more.

After fighting in the 51 kg category, she had shifted to 48kg category. Mary Kom has a collection of medals and she won the bronze in the 2012 London Olympics.

She scored a 5-0 over Hyang Mi Kim of North Korea in Vietnam and she is one of the two Indian boxers who enter in the final along with Sonia Lather.

Here is the tweet of PM Narendra Modi, who congratulates her-

From Ho Chi Minh City on Wednesday, Mary says that, “I have been feeling confident ever since I started training in the 48kg category few months back. The federation has been very helpful in aiding my comeback into the ring, providing great training support, sparring partners, etc. I knew if I maintained my fitness throughout this tournament, I will be unbeatable. This is not overconfidence but belief in my ability”.




Mary Kom is a member of Rajya Sabha and nominated in the April last year by the Indian President. She is little bit concerned about her Parliament duties that this will not stop her from taking part in upcoming Nationals this year.

Mary says that, “The Nationals is the next event which is in December. But I have some commitments as a Rajya Sabha member as well and I’ll request the federation if I can be excused. The Parliament position only came to me because of my achievements in the ring.”

Mary Kom, who is eyeing at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and says that I can’t stop dreaming because I am already thinking about the winning a gold in an Olympic medal for India.

Congratulations Mary Kom for winning the gold.


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