Recently, A video from China has took a huge buzz at the Internet and went viral lately. The video was shot on a mobile phone, which shows a man hanged around a wire, in the Air having a height of about 196-ft, he was rescued by the freighters.  

In the video , it is visible a guy who is jumping from the 19th floor of that hotel in which he was staying. Further, he was seen hanging from the telecommunication cable.

But why so? why did the man indulge in such a risky adventure you may ask?

Well, he was thinking to escape from paying the hotel bill.

The video has been shot from Panzhou, Guizhou and also stunned all the witnesses who shared this shocking video to every social media platform. It has been seen over 7 million people on  Chinese social media site Weibo, with someone amusingly user commenting: “He really thinks he is filming some action movies, right?


According to the news of China Daily, the unknown man went close to high-voltage of power lines and luckily he didn’t got hurt by coming in contact to it.

While firefighters saved his life somehow, he was caught by the police afterwards. One of the officer who were present there there said : “The man did not suffer any injuries, he is safe now.”


Check out the video here : 


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