The festival Holi, which is supposed to be celebrate as a festival of spirit and color. But probably not in Delhi. Some people celebrates the festival with zero consent and hooliganism. The recent incident of LSR women hit with semen-filled holi balloon is the proof of this disgusting behaviour during holi.

People use to say that, “Bura na mano, Holi hai”, but we want to raise the question “Bhai bura kyon na maane”. Because nowadays people are using this term to attack women on the Holi festival.

We all know that the instances of sexual misconduct happened more on Holi. But now, it’s not limited to just forcefully applying colors and the recent incident will tell you why everything just go beyond the colors.

Recently, two students from Lady Sri Ram College of Delhi University were attacked with semen-filled-balloons. The holi balloons were thrown on them while they were just walking somewhere.

Here are screenshots of their story.

A girl wrote that, “My white kurta doesn’t invite you to throw balloons on me. A girl walking alone on road doesn’t invite you to wish her happy holi by touching her body.”

After rise in such incidents, The Lady Sri Ram College of Delhi University Student’s Union released an official statement.

These incidents are disgusting like hell and it is a reminder on how women is being treated on festivals. Just because of these people, women have to stay in home or hostels during the festival Holi.

Here are Twitter reactions on the incident.


People should understand that Holi means festival of colors, happiness not ‘holi-ganism’.


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