We are living in a society where every place has a culture of its own and some of them are not weird, they are just like alien. And before expressing any feelings or any discomfort if we tell you that there is a culture where men dress as women and dance in front of thirsty group of men.

Yes, this strange thing exist and known as “Launda Naach” in which men dressed up as a women and then performed at festive gatherings because of poverty. But their negligence has now turned into a workshop of abuses.

Launda Naach is a folk art of Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh. This art form dates back to 11th century because that time women were not allowed to perform in the ceremonies and social gatherings. This reason made men take up the roles of traditional entertainers.

They are famous as ‘launda dancers’ who used to perform at public ceremonies. Nowadays they perform in marriages, perform as a part of the baraat, haldi ceremony of the groom and as a sex worker too.

How To Book A Launda Dancer

The process of booking the launda dancers is not much complicated, bandmasters help the dancing companies to book a launda dancers through them.

The Launda Dancers receive no formal training, and it might give you surprise that there were schools that would sharp these dancers. Bandmasters just play some catchy Bollywood numbers and beats falling in coordination with the movements of the launda dancers.

Male objectification

The country opened up to new forms of entertainment, and many folk art forms like launda naach lost its professionalism. But now there is no security provided by the government to protect the folk art form, it’s just an entertainment to a group of hungry men who see the launda dancers as a piece of food, or an object.

Launda naach allows for objectification and validates it, so it has become an area for abuse. They are touched and groped and physically abused in the name of wedding spirit.

When the wedding season is over, then the Launda Dancers find employment in prostitution.

Basically our concern is that there are men who is being forced to dress as a women, and have to face a worst kind of humiliation and abuses.





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