It wasn’t only Hrithik who was dragged brutally into the reality world and statement of Kangana Ranaut,other celebrities like Karan Johar writer Apurva Asrani, director Ketan Mehta, Women’s Commission & also an actor who is still unnamed and controversy with her wife , kangana just nailed it in AAP KI ADALAT.



Kangana Ranaut and her allegation on celebrities have made quiet a buzz in B-town as and when she open up about the bollywood reality and took down many actors and actress and just upside down everyone with her bold statement on the show with Rajeev Masand and Rajat Sharma. The actress didn’t hesitated even talking about her personal life and her relationships, either it was with Aditya Pancholi, Adhyayan Suman or it be Hritik Roshan. And undoubtedly she slammed everyone who ever come across in her life span of Bollywood,be it karan Johar or any other limelighted actor.

With many accusations, She somehow made the conversation on her side and ended with something which made people against Hrithik. but Thankfully, there were Hrithik’s Ex-wise who posted a picture on Instagram with a caption a ‘good soul’ can never be triumphed over by an ‘evil plot’.

Check out what celebrities wanted to say about the controversy and the other side point of view :


1. Sussanne Khan


Check out her twitter post here :


2. Aditya Pancholi


3. Apurva Asrani


Here is his Facebook post about the Incident that had happened :

4. Adhyayan Suman


5. Karan Johar


Check out Karan Johar Tweet here :


Looks like this war is going all streaming up the Bollywood. Some of them are just out spoken enough to Challenge those who own the Bollywood and being the one standing outta league.


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