The Rivalary level between kangana and Hrithik is going worse day by day. And recently,the official statement by Hrithik has broke all the prediction at once.The people who were once blaiming Hrithik for being a casanova finally started to think about his perspective too.


To everyone who thinks that Hrithik and kangana’s controversy has came to an end, the recent official duggu’s statement has made the rumors come alive. After a very long silence, Duggu finally come up to talk about the controversy. He said ”

Hrithik comment on kangana


Ever since he had shared this post, gossip mills kept buzzing with speculations, for who is right?  as to whose version of story may be true. But without giving it a much importance, tweeple have done what they are best in. Check out here :



On the other side, some of them just want this controversy to end and wanna live a peaceful life : 


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