Every Beliebers all across India, and possibly even outside India, were counting every minute till their favourite pop sensation Justin Bieber took his feet to the floor for the first time in India on may 10 in Mumbai. The much-talked Mumbai concert of Justin Bieber ‘Purpose tour’ happened at 8 P.M at the D.Y Patil Stadium where almost around 40,000 people have made it.


But as soon as you see through social media you will get to see that even after the show has ended, it has created a new meme of what happened during the concert. Instead of what has happened of his demands, to such a costly ticket price, to a most talked about venue and a lot of money which is spend on the sets and tour, something horrible has happened despite of all the lavish treatment he asked for.


Although Bieber amused a lot of his fans, people’s anger crossed all bounds as they noticed what he actually did on stage. What people notice during his performance was he throughout his performance sing none of his song but he only ‘Lip-sync’ with the songs. Social media took it too seriously and ask the officials why the hell he was paid so much for just Lip-sync ? while many of them suggested him ‘atleast know attempting 2 sync your lips before’.


Several people were seen quiet disappointed after the show, including Sonali Bendre, who considered the concert a waste of time.


Check out some of the other reactions here : 

Let us know your views on this. How you would react if you were in the crowd, in the comment section below. 


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