Reliance Jio has made an announcement to launch India’s Cheapest SmartphoneLyf Easy‘ as on 21st July 2017. This smartphone will be enabled with 4G volte feature in a price of just Rs. 1500. The Jio Rs. 1500 phone will be starting its online registration From 24 August 2017, in case you are waiting for it eagerly then trails are starting from 15 August onwards. Afterwards, the Reliance Jio Phone booking will be available on Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart Also. Interestingly, the 1500 Rs. phone will be a free phone. How ? you only have to submit 1500 Rs. which will be refundable after a span of Three years , when you have to return the phone. Below we have provided various details through which we have tried to  cover each and every query related to Jio phone online :

Reliance Jio Mobile:

How To Book the Jio Phone Online ? 

  • Download My Jio App! from your phone or visit
  • keep in mind ! Jio Phone Booking is starting from 24th August.

How can we book Jio 1500 phone Offline ?

  • You can visit your nearest reliance jio store or you can find out your nearest reliance jio store at  Jio Store Locator 
  • There you have to fill up the form and submit your details and then you have to confirm the booking.
  • Your Phone, if you were selected Will going to be Delivered In Septemeber.

Reliance Jio phone specification : 


Jio Phone Online Booking, jio phone Registration Date & My Jio App details :

1. Jio Phone Trial session Begins                15th August 2017
2. Jio 1500 Phone Booking Date                24th August 2017
3. Jio phone Delivery Starting                 From September


Reliance Jio Phone booking process : 

  1. you can Visit On official site which is Book reliance jio phone
  2. you can also login to flipkart page to book phone.
  3. The phone is also available on amazon. [Link Will Be Updated Soon]
  4. Fill up the Required Details asked.
  5. Pay Rs 1500 And after that you can Book Your Rs 1500 Jio Phone.

Latest Jio News 

Jio Phone is soon going to be starting going to be delivered soon somewhere about two weeks from now, happily ! you don’t have to wait much to get Jio Phone in your hand soon. This latest Jio 4g phone is something the company is providing for such a cheap rate. The company is receiving almost about a tonne of Jio phone booking per day. To a leading newspaper daily, the chairman of Reliance digital Mr. Mukesh Ambani has said the company is targeting to deliver  over 5 million units per week. Sign up to the given per forma and we will notify you about the next delivery date of any notification that would come by any source of information. Here is everything you need to know about Jio Phone booking process, delivery dates, its prices and more.


Here are some of the FAQ that we think might would hep you : 

  • Can I book the Jio Phone for my friend?

Yes, you can easily book as many Jio phones as you want, for anyone. All you need to have is phone numbers                and the delivery pincodes. A payment of 500 rupee you have to make for each unit of phone you pre-order.

  • How to check my Jio phone status ?

If you want to  check your Jio phone status then you have the My jio app and your booking IVR number. open              your my jio app, enter your registered mobile number and the OTP also, you can call to 18008908900 with the            number you  have booked the Jio phone then it will be confirmed and the pending apporoval would be notified            to you.

  • When do I have to  make the full payment?

The 500 rs. you have to pay at the time of booking the phone and the remaining rs. 1ooo you need to pay at the            time of delivery of mobile phone.

  • When my Jio phone will be delivered to me ?

According to the news Jio phone will start its delivery from Navratri i.e 21 september.

  • Which apps will the Jio phone support ? 

Other than jio’s own apps, the phone will be inbuilt with popular instant messaging and social networking apps.          However,popular messaging app Whatsapp is not yet present on the phone but soon it will be added as per the            reports.

  • When will I get my money back/refunded ?

To claim the money and the get the money refunded which is rs. 1500, you have to wait for three years from the           purchase date. You will be paid back the money when you hand over the device.


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