DUMKA: A tribal woman who is reportedly aged around 20 years was allegedly raped and molested. The rape was actually a gang rape which has been done by 18 to 20 youths reportedly aged around 22 years nearby a university campus at Dighi, somewhere about 8 K.m from Dumka, in Jharkhand, on Wednesday.Reportedly 6 of the culprits have been identified.

Police said on Thursday the girl with her boyfriend was returning home that too on a motorcycle, not a tribal, from the campus of university where they were groped by 6 of the men and they threatened the men for having relationship with a tribal girl, and asked him to give them Rs 5,000 as “fine” or also to hand over cellphone to them, police sources said. Some other men also joined them and started molestation.


latest jharkhand molestation images

As per the  boyfriend’s statement, the statement said that the group forced the couple to strip their clothes and then at the gunpoint they force the boy to rape her in front of all of them. Further, something more drastic was on its way. they took her to the field and then all of them Gang-raped her. They then forced them to take a bath so that not any evidence could remain. Reportedly  !


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