From Bollywood actors being one launched by their producer/director daddies to actress being sideline because of actors, Kangana Ranaut featured in AIB video highlight everything that’s wrong with B-town


As soon as it come to buzz that Hansal mehta will be involving in his next Simran starring kangana ranaut and the you tube channel group, All India Bakchod (AIB) we were thinking that the new video would be another video for the movie promotion. But !! Kanagana has always been rebellious when it comes to following Bollywood norms. This video that is shared by the AIB YOUTUBE Channel  lately on Monday night, showcase everything that happens in Bollywood but hardly someone talks about. But Kangana being out of league has openly confessed it.

Titled AIB : the song named Bollywood Diva, featuring Kangana Ranaut as the film heroine, Priya, has been asked to do an item number and has not been given enough attention that a leading lady deserve. The set has been shown as a wedding song and the movie has been shown just like any other K’JO Movie.. OOPS !!!

The song has been collectively align by Manaswi Mohata, Anuya Jakatdar, Ayesha Nair and Supriya Joshi and the song is directed by Tanmay Bhatt.


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The video start with Priya (Kangana Ranaut) ask director why she got so many unnecessary lines that really doesn’t need to be inserted. Then she tell them she is the ‘female lead‘ to which they respond, Accha wo ! jo hero ke sath rhti hai “

The video also highlight feminism – while the Actors get higher pay cheque, heroines are coax with the name to be appear before actors during promotions.

Check out the video here :


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