Any change recorded in top ten ranking of women cricket sees that England has replaced Australia and reached the top, the difference between the two Ashes rivals points is just decimal points.


India Women’s team of cricket have been maintaining their third spot since long in their ICC ranking before the annual update on Tuesday. It is to be clarified that the update does not include the 2013-14 season while ranking and specially considering 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons therein. Also the 2014-15 and 2015-16 does count and counted on 50 percent and 2016-17 will be counted 100 percent. The teams will goinh to be judged and ranked on all 3 formats unlike the men teams who are judged separately. England have 128.47 points of rating in comparison to Australia’s 128.43 points. This gap of 0.04 would be up and down when the two will fight to be on the top in one Test, Three ODI and three T20.

India ranked fourth in the ICC rankings which is near to New Zealand which is ranked third and battling and collide as World cup runner up.

Gaining these valuable points is no mean achievement and have come after some fine performances over the past year, including at the World Cup. I’m sure this will inspire our team in matches ahead, said India captain Mithali Raj.

“We are now much close to New Zealand in the ICC ranking and will aim to be the number three.” India have gained 3 points and now stand at 116 points – which is just two lesser than New Zealand. The team has said that they will work on their strategies and next year the ranking would surely be better.

Here take a look at the ICC Ranking :

indian women ICC ranking 2017


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