Remember watching Sherlock Holmes and imagining about cracking and solving a case. We have grown up watching C.I.D and saying ‘Daya, darwaza todo’ and ‘kuch to gadbad hai’ !! moving your fingers like A.C.P Pradyumn. So for all the Byomkesh Bakshys out there !!! a riddle that you will love solving, Check it out :

It is very simple, you just need to find out who owns the fish :

We now are going to give you some clues. Listen them carefully !!!
 It’s not that tough !!!!
Keep trying.. Just keep focusing on the clues and the color of the houses :

As of now relate the characters. Draw column and segregate according to what they actually eat.

Now try once again !!!
Still couldn’t find out ??
 Okay, one more try. Differentiate according to the pets they have. Who of them owns which pet. And your puzzle is almost solved now. 
Give up? Pakka? Sure?
Okay. Here’s the solution. Your chart must be looking like this. Is it !!!

So here we are, with our answer!!! Its the MLA who owns the fish. I rest my case.


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