M.S Dhoni might get penalised for the recently issued fake fielding law, This law has been initiated by ICC and finally governed by ICC as well.


No one can forget about those days when Mahendra Singh Dhoni used to trick the batsman by pretending collecting a throw and showing them he hit the stumps?? Not a big deal ! like everyone do the same. This law which has been accpeted worldwide now, would get M.S Dhoni penalized under Fake Fielding law. The law which is a new one  ( law 41.5 ) states that “it is unfair for any fielder willfully to attempt, by word or action, to distract, deceive or obstruct either batsman after the striker has received the ball”.

As the umpires on field conclude that such thing is deliberate, they, on their will, can award five runs as penalty runs to the batting team for the offense.

The new change will came into effect from 28th September, 2017 claimed the first person within 24 hours of when the introduction ,  Queensland fielder Marnus Labuschagne legaled guilty of pretending to fool the batsman by pretending and faking for a throw during  One-Day Cup (JLT) (domestic tournament of Australia) match.


Check out the video here : 


On Wednesday, one of the known commentator Sanjay Manjrekar  and also former Indian player came down unsatisfied on this decision by ICC.

In a full series of tweets, Manjrekar openly criticized the ICC. “Five penalty runs for ‘fake fielding’ ? it is the most ridiculous law which has been introduced, in recent times. Urge of having ICC to reconsider it,” he wrote.


When a Twitter user gave his opinion by suggesting that this law brought in by ICC to stop players from cheating, Manjrekar responded quickly  by saying that this fake-fielding act is not cheating but tricking. Manjrekar also gave Dhoni’s example when he supported his statement.

Manjrekar also ensured that it does not turn just a Twitter rant just like any other tweet.


Let’s see how ICC will respond to


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