After the launch of new arrivals of Redmi Y2, the Redmi Note 5 Series, Honor 7C is here to give them a tough competition. It is the latest budget offering from Huawei’s online-only brand Honor.

Honor 7C: Price in India

Starting price of Rs 9,999 for 3GB RAM+32GB storage whereas, Rs 11,999 for 4GB RAM+64GB.

Honor 7
Source: Google.

Honor 7 Specifications and features

  • Dual-rear camera: 13MP+2MP rear camera +8MP front camera
  • Taller display: 5.99-inches display, 18:9 aspect ratio, 1440 x 720 pixels
  • Face Unlocking Feature
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor
  • 4GB RAM+64GB expandable to 256GB
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • EMUI 8.0 on Android 8.0
Honor 7
Source: Google.

Thumbs up to these 

Honor has offered a different color variant this time. It has launched the new phone in the shade of Dark Blue, which is unusual as per the black and gold ones it offered previously. The 5.99 inches display with 18:9 aspect ration works in a good way. Still, it is not as sharp as the other models in the market with its 720p display. Although, the color resolution is good and would really help in watching videos with good quality.

The face recognition is really good and quick. It works well in dim light too. The feature is commendable as it is implemented in a budget phone. It also has the basic alternate option of unlocking through fingerprint or pattern code or through the good old pin.

The end result of the images captured through the phone was satisfying. The details, colors and outline of the object were good. The camera takes time to focus on portrait mode. The ‘Wide Aperture Mode’ blurs the background which can be adjusted by the user. Overall it delivers good quality photos given the price of the phone.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor works okay with the basic operation but starts hanging after too many notifications and background applications are running. However, you can play games without any glitches.

The battery performance is like just any other phone available in the market in this price range. It has a PCMark score of above 9 hours. On an average, it would last for about 12 hours.

Thumbs down to these 

The selfie camera on the phone does not yield results that it should have. It is slow and has issues in focusing. It does not work well in dim light.

Honor’s UI is something not very appealing and there’s still space for removing some of the bloatware. Still, it is nice to see the company launched both Honor 7C and 7A with Android Oreo.



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