A man from Chhattisgarh, Srikant Gupta(32) who is working as a Government school teacher in Bilaspur was chrged for breaking and entering into a store at a mall, since he couldn’t afford designer saris for his wife but wanted her not to feel any bit of “inferior” in the contest.

They says ‘Everything is fair in love and war’  you too must have heard it. Not only the lovers shown in tales who go to the limit to prove their love, but what we have now is quiet similar. No Doubt ! Their are husbands who go beyond the limits to show how much they love their better half but this gone really far. A husband living in Chhattisgarh robbed in a shop for his wife’s beauty contest !

Srikant Gupta living in Bilaspur stole some designers saris from a store in mall as his wife was about to take part in beauty competition,Pramila Gupta, That local beauty show which is named “Sawan Sundari” is conducted every monsoon for the ladies living in the city. Ironically ! the women of this stealer won that  prestigious crown.

32-year-old man is a government school teacher in Sarkanda, district Bilaspur, robbed into the store at a mall, as he wasn’t capable to buy designer saris for his wife but couldn’t let her feel “unacceptable” at all.

“Gupta however ! admitted that he couldn’t afford the saris, so he stole the saris and gave those to his wife” 

Pramila Gupta, 26, went down the floor wearing two of the shop’s expensive saares which were identified by someone from the audience, which leads to both of them into jail.


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