Yesterday, Vijay Mallya was arrested by London police and there was buzz about deporting him to India.  As usual, media covered this news to the fastest they could because it was a BIG News for them.

While people were busy celebrating the achievement but unfortunately, This happiness was for a short span of time. Within few hours, Mr. Mallya Got a bail and released accordingly.

In January, CBI court issued a non-bailable warrant against Vijay Mallya, who has since been running out of the procedure of court. The said warrent was in connection to with IDBI Bank Loan default case of an amount of  Rs 720-crore, that Mallya has been convicted for.

Without wasting much moment, Vijay Mallya used Twitter to announce this great escape victory. He also slammed  media people for creating unnecessary hype regarding his arrest. This is what he tweeted…

Even though Indian officials are  trying to get him back, there’s no such luck seems to be. Even before people could react and Internet could roast him over on his arrest, he was out on bail. Yet,Twitter users were quick enough to troll this  short span of time, with there funny jokes and memes. Check out here :

He broke Sallu’s record though :

Tell us what is the fastest? 

Pity On you People !!


Right Before the Breakfast 😂😂

 And he will going to be at BAR always 

 Snapchat and Mallya : Ek teer se do nishane 

And something sentimental yet generic :

And funny too : 

 Got bail before completing the jargon completely !!



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