Kamal Haasan, who turns 63 today and back in the headlines with his birthday. But the important thing is that he chose to cancel birthday celebrations.

He cancelled his birthday celebrations, because of the heavy rain that has been taking Chennai down. Last night, Kamal Haasan took to Twitter to explain that why he chose to cancel his birthday bash.


He tweeted, “To those who love me and dislike the idea of my cancelling my birthday celeberations” with a screenshot.

And now he is not just the actor becaues of his Twitter outreach, mobile application are some mere indications.

So, What is Kamal Haasan’s plan on his birthday

Kamal Haasan is going to spend his birthday in the rain affected area of Avadi. His Daughter Akshaya Haasan was spotted with him at a medical camp.

At the medical camp, he said, “There is no connection of this camp with politics, but we could use this for that and the government is arranging for water outlets in waterlogged areas. It is equally important that medical camps detect diseases before it becomes an epidemic, We had a dengue epidemic last time, and for various reasons, we pretended it is not there.”


According to sources, he is all set to make the major announcement at noon today. He has been also participating in the Tamil Nadu’s political scenario But speculation is that this major announcement could be connected with that which political party, kamal haasan would be joining.

Wishing Him A Very Happy Birthday!


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