A step towards a new India, A nation which is known for its diversity at every corner markable. A nation which is widely accepted as developing worldwide. All an All, a nation that has made a mark internationally for every area where they have Tried out.
indian ladies are powerful enough to tackle all the situation one handed

But, there is one thing, apart from all these success, for which our Country is brutally Infamous is Women Harassment. either it be physically, mentally or at an extent socially too. Our country has become a region of cruelty each and everytime when it comes to gender equality. No matter how much we have developed physically, a part of us or call it society, is stubborn and stacked to some norms which were made by the society decades ago.

We have grown over years, turned out as one of the most developing nation still the issues with Women is something we still need to work on.

haan hum naari hai

We in and as a part of society needs to change our mentality our custom that however turned against women and everything that contradicts Equality.

Here through this video, the message so raised is why women empowerment is a necessity in our country and to how extent our society needs to change its stereotype.

Check out the video here :


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