There is a good news for the sky gazers in the country. Guess what? You can watch a Geminid meteor shower display tonight. The meteor shower is predicted to provide a celestial display.

You should keep an eye on the sky in an open space. The telescopes or binoculars will not be required.

Where, When And How To See Geminid meteor shower-

This year, the Geminid meteor shower is expected from the night of December 13 to the early hours of December 14.

The meteor shower will start on December 13, around at 10 pm. The shower is expected to be at its maximum around at 2am on December 14. That time, the Gemini constellation will be overhead and the no. of meteors would reach up to 120 per hour.

Director of MP Birla Planetarium, Debiprosad Duari said that, “The meteoroids are rocks and dust particles which are about to collide with the Earth’s atmosphere. And those that streak through atmosphere are called meteors.”

Further he said that, “Comets are chunks of ice with lots of dust. And by the Sun’s radiation, ice melts and dust left behind along the orbit of comet. And the small dust particles enters the Earth’s atmosphere with some considerable speed.”

By friction in the atmosphere, particles burn up and then give rise to numerous meteors in the sky which is called meteor showers.

If you capture any view of the Geminid meteor shower then share with us in the comment section!



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