It’s Diwali time and the favourite Indian festival of everyone. The preparation have been started related to festival like decoration of house, mithais have been ordered, the house is being cleaned. But the one thing which we are not going to do, is burning crackers because we’re going to do some better things rather than crackers. So we are here with the some fun games you can play to lit your Diwali party.

 1. Freeze Dance

Party is incomplete without the music and dance. On this Diwali, mix the fun with a game and you get uninterrupted laughter for hours. But there is one rule just one rule, you have to freeze instantly when the music stops. Let’s have a dance.

2. Acting Out Advertisement Taglines

This game will inject the “acting ka keeda” in you.  In this game, a person acts out the tagline of some popular advertisement and other people have to guess that which one of the advertisement it is.

3.  Taboo

A word game that will give you some happy some moments to refresh yourself. In this game players need to describe what’s written on their drawn card and the person who is holding the card guesses. So go for this game if you want to lit your diwali party.

4.  Dohdles

If you miss your childhood like playing with clay then mark this game as a must play at your diwali party. Use  play-doh to make some objects and other people have to guess that what you made. Failed attempts in making that things will give you a burst out laughing moments.

5. Cards Against Humanity

This game is funny and it’s awkward too. Keep some booze in your hands to help you through the privacy invading cards because there is no party without some fun and madness.

6. Tongue Twister Challenge

This game is a way to get some extra laughter. Firstly write down some of the tongue twisters on chits and the player will speak out whichever one he selects for a set number of times. And if the player can’t then nasty dares waiting for you.


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