A new case of Gurugram’s Fortis hospital has came to light. The story of 7 year old Adya, who died because of dengue at Fortis Hospital after her parents being billed Rs 16 lakhs.

The current condition of society is that because of lack of facilities in Government hospitals, people prefer private hospitals. But money matters a lot, as they don’t get any proper medical healthcare without sufficient amount of money. And when it comes to the private hospitals, the bills comes huge.

But some people don’t give priority to money. And ready to spend the every hospital charge for an appropriate treatment. But it looks like, hospitals have started taking an advantage of this.

It is the another incident which hints at the existence of a money making business run by hospitals for the sake of modern medical treatment.

A 7 year old girl named Adya, who was suffering from dengue. She admitted in the hospital but Fortis hospital charged more than 1 lakh per day from her family. Adya was admitted for 15 days from August 31 to September 14, but she passed away. The total billing amount is up to 16 lakhs. And the parents were shocked after watching the 20 page lengthy bill. And Parents demanded an investigation.

Friend of Adya’s dad took this incident to Twitter-


Take a look at the overall charges-

Admission Charge: Rs 1250
Blood Bank: Rs 61, 315
Diagnostics: Rs 29, 290
Doctor charges: Rs 53, 900
Drugs: Rs 3, 96, 732.48
Equipment Charge: Rs 71,000
Investigations: Rs 2, 17, 594
Medical and Surgical Procedures: Rs 2, 85, 797
Medical Consumables: Rs 2, 73, 394
Miscellaneous: Rs 15, 150
Room Rent: Rs 1, 74,000
Discount: Rs 20,000
Total Bill: Rs 15, 79, 322.48


Health Minister replied-

Even Fortis replied on Twitter-


Reports said that hospital had refused to give 7 year old, Adya a death certificate. They asked parents to arrange another hospital’s ambulance to take her back. Because Fortis hospital didn’t want to take a dengue death on their hands.

No one has the right to play with the sentiments and health of the people. And it is not the right way that how hospitals are treating their patients, just for the sake of business.


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