Even after withdrawing the online campaign against ABVP by Gurmehar Kaur, it seems like this matter as not come to end and neither it is going to be.

This 20 year old student of Delhi University was trolled pathetically, got threatened to rape and abused over social media for expressing what she feels. Ironically, there were some celebrities as well indulged in trolling her which is not less then harassing someone brutally. Reportedly, this campaign was started in the Ramjas College Premises by ABVP.  Gurmehar kaur news

Gurmehar is the daughter of Mandeep Singh, a Kargil Martyr who has served the nation throughout his life. She uploaded a video to encourage peace and unity between India and Pakistan. Although till now she has not disclosed the reason why she withdrawal the campaign she started, but it is quiet obvious that threatening and insulting comments has played a vital role for such an act.

Recently, Delhi Commission of Women (DCW) has taken the matter into there hands and quickly sent a notice to Facebook, asking them to disclose the people who had harassed the girl on social media including their IP address and other information through which the convict could be cached and taken up to consideration.

And this is what Chief of Delhi Commission of Women, Swati Maliwal has to say : 

Delhi police, as soon as the DCW took the case under them, lodged an FIR regarding the subject matter. Apparently, Facebook is required to submit the details by March 6.

The point here is : 

There could be a difference of opinion as no one in the world think exactly the same as of other, but is the threatening to rape and social harassment is the correct way to deal with it ?

We would definitely like to know your opinion on this subject matter, as being a citizen of this  nation this is ought to be our duty to serve it as well. Tell us your suggestion and opinions in the comment section below


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