MMS ! something we all must have heard about. Intentionally or not, somewhere down the line we got an eye on them. MMS is one of those things which degrade our society mentally and emotionally too. Even after this drastic result many of the perverts put to shame and make such a filthy thing. Recently, a month back, we have heard about the Teacher who have made an MMS of his student and share it online. This was just a single example, it has become a constant thing we keep hearding about. Social media had become another path to share it with many people instantly.

However, we have got a MMS today for you all, But ! it is slightly different from the others. So for now, lets know what it is all about.


Where do these MMS generally made ?


Generally it is found that in Malls or changing rooms of showrooms and also in hotels and some bathrooms as well, where many of the cameras has been installed and these MMS are being made.Girls are always made aware of these places.


This MMS is also featured in a bathroom. A girl enters in the bathroom, washes off her face and remove her T-shirt. For quiet a second it looks like a MMS is actually shooting.

mms that inspires

But wait !

What happen next will shock you to the core. She asks you what are you searching here for?? these clips are just a fun of couple of minutes for you, but for a girl this might be a reason for suicide. We blaim movies for showing some bold scenes in the movie and spoiling our society. But what most of the people watch secretly doesn’t need to be said. Watch this video and see yourself inside. Ask yourself. This MMS  is a serious matter.


Watch it and share it as well : 


Also watch,

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