A shootout took place in Delhi’s Dwarka mor between the police and a gang of men . But Police said that no one has been injured, 5 criminals have been arrested.

The police asked criminals to surrender but they started firing indiscriminately.

Around 30 shots were fired. Police has recovered a huge mumber of arms from the arrested people, including 100 carriages and a pistol and 11 country made weapons.

This one took place during an operation between Punjab and Delhi police. They conducted a joint raid at a property near Dwarka Mor metro station area.

Though 5 people have been caught but the police is still searching the area to look for more men who might have escaped. And more details in this case are awaited.



Earlier this month, a gangster was arrested after a shootout in Delhi.

After this, A senior police had noted that criminal have always been active in Delhi. He said that particularly in the southern and the outer parts of city.



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