The 19 year old Dytto, in break dancing has some wonderful moves that will leave you in shock . she compete with indian dancers on Remo’s show Danceplus.
She is commendable in style of popping , finger tutting and tutting and left people with open wide mouth.she is a break dancer and lit the fire on international stage with her vivacious moves. now she is the most sensational contestant of Remo d’souza new show dance plus season 3 . She has already showed her talent at the Ellen Degeneres show .
She has 1 million subscribers on her youtube channel.
The barbie- dytto
In this video dytto involves in robotics and she looks exactly like the doll you would love to take home. Dytto started her dreams early at the age of 3. By her video barbie girl trap remix ,she get over 40 million views.

Look at her video-

Feminine fingers-
Dytto is a big surprise for all who thought kathak or bharatnatyam are the ddance forms in which the fingers twist. this video of dytto will impressed you totally.feminine fingers is the inspiration behind popular video game ‘overwatch’.

Watch the video here-

“Bones” with poppin-
In this video , Dytto joined with Poppin john . Perfect duo dance on music of “sorry, I’m not perfect in my bones”. she said earth is her playground and she wants to nvite everyone into her world.

Watch the video here-


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